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Art & Science of Palmistry

My love for hand interpretation began at 16 years old when I came across a Palmistry book.  Reading it quickly, I asked my classmates if I could see their hands.  After telling them the significance of the lines, I noticed it wasn't long before many of them would stuff their hands into their pockets or cross their arms whenever they saw me approaching.  Some however found me quite the novelty and wondered how I knew things about them by simply scanning their palms.

Hands hold your story.  Curious?

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Service Cost:

15 minute intro reading   $45

30 minute reading             $65

60 minute reading             $95

Service Description:

15 minute reading is intuitive scan or answer a question

30 minute reading would provide basic interpretation of hands and palms

60 minute reading would provide depth of interpretation both hands 

60 minute comparative reading for couple or close relationship

Sessions may be recorded per your personal device

(please be familiar with your recording app prior tto the reading)

Check monthly for Events

Penticton: The Hallow Wellness Ctr, 2A-260 Okanagan Ave
Kelowna: Artful Hand Sanctuary Fair, Laurel Packing House
Kelowna: MysticAfair Best Western Plus, 2402-Hwy 97
Vernon: MysticAfair, Okanagan Centre for Spiritual Living, 2918-29th Ave


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                                 Hands are fascinating!
Our neolithic ancestors covered rock overhangs and cave walls with their hand prints. Our hands, with an opposable thumb, have allowed us a greater edge in our world. 

We know palmistry has been written about for over 5000 years.  Ancient China recognized the uniqueness of fingerprints.  The Emperor's thumb print was his signature and its imprint in clay was used to authenticate documents. 
In Babylon, 3000 year ago, fingerprints were collected from crime scenes to help identify 'who dun it'.  The Greeks knew the value of hands in diagnosis of disease.  Hippocrates, the father of western medicine looked for signs of illness through color changes or fingernail condition. 
Julius Caesar, would not give you the time of day if he did not like the honesty of your hand. Alexander the Great, chose his military leadership by hands showing the correct qualities.
Frowned on and banned by the Vatican in the year 1000, palmistry was forced to be practiced in secret. But European royal courts were fascinated by Palmistry and divining so by the 1700's it made a resurgence in popularity along with the other mystery teachings. In fact, Napoleon, had his wife's psychic reader locked up for fear she would reveal his love life secrets.

Today science recognizes certain unique aspects on our hands. For instance, fingerprints are specific to an individual from pre-birth to death and can be used to identify someone newly deceased. Even identical twins have distinctly different prints.
In the early 1900's Scotland Yard began collecting fingerprints at crime scenes but it wasn't until the 1980's that an efficient method of using this evidence was developed. 
So why are your prints soley yours?  In Palmistry they are a note from your soul to you.  They help you to remember what school of life you have agreed to explore.  Spirit, Mind, Heart or Body all have specific lessons to learn while in physical form.
Your hands describe the nature of your character, qualities and temperament.They hold so much information about you!  Simply put...Hands hold knowledge.


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