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  • Self-confidence

  • Stress & Anxiety Relief 

  • Weight Release

  • Motivation

  • Creative Inspiration

  • Sleep disturbances

  • Peak Performance


by appointment


Hypnosis Session 

1.5-2 hours $110


Wellness and illness are uniquely perceived according to our beliefs.  Everyone holds the intuitive ability to heal themselves in their subconscious mind.  The key is to go inward, find the issues, and seek solutions to self-sabotaging patterns which are all too often emotionally based.


Understanding the mind and body connection is essential for well-being.  While the subconscious mind holds all feelings, memories, fears and beliefs, the basic cellular level of the body stores emotional information.  Therefore, negative and self-defeating thoughts result in dis-ease causing actual physical symptoms to manifest in the body.  

If you are frequently saying, ‘it makes you sick to your stomach’ or ‘what a pain in the neck’ are you aware your body is listening?  If no it may surprise you when you develop all sorts of digestive disorders or frequent headaches and upper body pain, to what was initially a verbal response to a psychological reaction. 


A clinical hypnotherapist has the training and skill to connect you directly with the power of your subconscious mind.  During a hypnosis session the goal is to locate emotional attachments to old programs and patterns which no longer support you.  Then we work on releasing them through reframing perceptions and finally offer relearning through positive suggestions.  Remember, successful change always comes from within. Why?


Well think of an iceberg where 95 % is deep and mysterious. That's your subconscious mind.  Which leaves a meager 5 %  above the surface that you can see.  Your conscious mind, is dedicated to will power, reason and logic.  It is capable of doing one thing at a time which is often arguing some rationale with your emotions which are quite often simply not rational.


Depending on what the issue is you wish to address a single session or often a few may be required.  


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